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Lines, Calls, and Wasted Time

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

What do you consider nonsense time on vital tasks?

This blog explores what people of any age who are having their time cut in half to learn how to streamline their work on the computer.

This free site is useful for any level and is going to stay free so that we all can cut time wasting time and energy with task learning when we interact with the internet.

For instance, something new just came up on my situation that someone else has already done successfully. So, we read the feed and find a connection that freely helps me.

Another example is that when I am on a customer service call, how do I navigate?

What about the government sites?

This blog will start with what I do currently. I invite any age especially people who haven't even taken computer classes at their local library. A place which by the way is free and quiet with people who will try to be helpful.

Talk to me. I listen.

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