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Environmental, Traumatic, or Genetic?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How does one manage their own sense of safety? When does one reconcile the thought that pain exists? Where does one maintain a stance without picking up the electrical energy?

I believe in health. Why, might you ask? First of all, people seem to get a pause in their day when they are feeling puny. Sometimes people aren't aware that they aren't restraining themselves properly.

My research and I am purely a layman is that our environment seems to lead people to squander their bodies. They don't eat properly or drink when they are truly thirsty. Everybody has heard that most people are dehydrated. Environment is a huge factor as to what people put into their bodies to nourish themselves. There are smells that linger in the air and those smells are enticing. Even if one is not hungry at all, it smells like a good idea to nibble on something.

What we see has an impact also. What about the television? It comes on at all hours in the day and night showing something tantalizing. It gives off a hint of the overall goodness to be found. Beautiful and energetic it seems just the ticket to fuel the mind and body. We all fall for its' subtle message.

Now, what about what we hear? The herd mentality rears its' head and explains to us all in strong language how much we need to value the message. There is also a push in the wrong direction that health is elusive and difficult to maintain. No matter at all what goes on. We can maintain a nonchalant attitude while peering nervously at what we cannot attain. Then we tell ourselves that only the wicked get satisfaction.

Ta ta for now.

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