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Lines, Calls, and Wasted Time

Hello Friends. Good to hear from you. The subject today is learning computers for free in libraries. Any library

First of all, in every city, in every state the libraries have classes. Some cities have none and some have many classes. The reason some have none is no one can think of a class. No one is volunteering at that moment, or another possibility is no one in your state, town or city even knows about it.

Here are some examples: I am interested in learning Word, Excel or PowerPoint. These are typical beginner type computer classes that can get you typing and communicating.

Now, if Techie shakes their head sadly and mutters, Sorry I am sure we have nothing like that. Hmm, what to do. what to do? One step further is to find the right department. Small towns, large cities, and everything in between right now has such a need for people to work at home or in an office and also retirees who want to type using a computer instead of a typewriter.

So, what does that mean? The libraries need people to use their computers whether learning or just using.

Nope, says your library front desk. You see computers there and they can tell you and show you how to simply get into the computer and small tasks. It costs nothing. Thank goodness.

You can also go over to the nice front desk people in libraries and request a class online. Some may not know how to do that.

They may or may not know much more than how to get into the government computer and do simple things like look for a job They can usually help you print or learn how to print the library computers.

You know why the people working there are sitting there? They are waiting for you to find out what they know about their job.

The Government at one time was thinking of closing the libraries because no one was using what they offered so don't assume that the front desk has experience.

Thank goodness online colleges got students to use the libraries. You should have seen that in the beginning. In other words, do not assume you are the problem.

By the way, any age group is there so don't even worry about that. Get in there and find out. Remember there are a large number of unused possibilities that libraries could do if someone poked around and got the ball rolling.

That's it for now.

Remember, we welcome your insight on today's subject: Library and computer use.

Please keep it around one to two hundred words. No compensation. We do this for free.

Thank you for listening. Jaelin

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